what are the 3 stages of dental implants

What Are the 3 Stages of Dental Implants?

Are you hiding your smile because of missing or damaged teeth? Dental implants can restore your full set of teeth and help you feel confident in your smile. 

Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., P.A., offers dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens for patients of all ages with various dental concerns. Whether there are broken teeth from physical trauma or natural tooth loss from periodontal disease, patients see remarkable transformations with dental implants.

What are the three stages of dental implants? Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., P.A., explains what to expect during the dental implant process. 

Stage 1: Your Consultation Appointment

The first stage of dental implants begins with a consultation appointment. During your consultation, your oral surgeon thoroughly evaluates your teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

You’ll discuss various types of implants with your surgeon, including bridges, crowns, and individual implants. Based on your current dental health and desired outcome, your surgeon creates a unique treatment plan that meets your needs.

Before scheduling your procedure, your surgeon answers questions like, “What are the three stages of dental implants?” and reviews your medical history to check for any underlying health issues that could complicate the implant process.

Not everyone is eligible for dental implants. For successful treatment, you need healthy gums and sufficient bone density. If your surgeon finds severe bone loss in your jaw or gum disease, you won’t be able to get dental implants right away. 

Patients with bone loss require bone grafting before dental implants, and those with gum disease must restore their gum health before moving forward with treatment. If you keep your gums healthy, you’ll move forward with the preparation process for dental implants.

Stage 2: Dental Implant Root Procedure

The second stage of getting dental implants is placing the artificial tooth root. Local anesthesia is usually enough, but some patients require general anesthesia for this part of the process. Once the anesthesia takes effect, your surgeon makes a small incision in the gum tissue, revealing the underlying bone. 

After drilling small holes into the bone, your surgeon places biocompatible titanium dental implants in the jawbone. These titanium implants act as the artificial tooth root. When the implants are in place, you begin the integration process — your jawbone fuses to the titanium implants.

Integration takes about three months to complete. During this time, your dentist places a healing abutment or cap on top of your implant, helping shape the gums for the final restoration placement. Throughout the integration process, your implants fuse with the surrounding bone structure, creating a more stable foundation for your implants.

Stage 3: Artificial Tooth Procedure

While your implant fixtures integrate, your surgeon creates custom artificial teeth to fit your mouth. Using a combination of X-ray imaging and detail impressions, they craft a personalized dental implant to create a natural-looking replacement tooth. 

When the integration process is complete, you return to your oral surgeon’s office for final implant placement. In the hours leading up to this procedure, avoid alcohol consumption, as it produces adverse effects like high blood pressure. Your surgeon may ask you to avoid eating for at least twelve hours beforehand, depending on any anesthesia they plan to use for your procedure.

During the final part of your implant process, your surgeon places the artificial tooth on top of the existing abutment. Before finishing, the surgeon checks your bite alignment in case any adjustments are necessary.

Most people return to their normal activity after dental implant restoration. Your surgeon provides detailed instructions for optimal healing during the recovery period.

Getting Dental Implants in Palm Beach Gardens

Having missing or broken teeth can damage your self-confidence. Dental implant procedures restore your radiant smile and help you feel like the best version of yourself. Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., P.A. provides dental implants for patients with tooth loss. 

Learn more by calling us at 561-624-2224. We can answer questions like, “What are the three stages of dental implants?” and schedule your consultation.

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