Dental Implants 

Dentures were the only solution to replacing teeth or a single tooth prior to the recent development of dental implants.  dental implants

About Dental Implants 

Dental Implants are artificial structures that are placed in the region of the tooth where the root was originally located. Implants are secured to a metal assembly on the bone or to the jawbone and perform as a foundation for an synthetic tooth or bridge that is permanent. Occasionally, implants are also attach to dentures.
The design of dental implants is of a quality where they look, feel, and appear just like you natural teeth. Dental Implants are most times made of an artificial material that works well within the mouth such as ceramic or metal.

Who are Dental Implants Good For?

Not all people are perfect candidates for dental implants. In order for an implant to successfully take hold, a proper bone density and strong immune system are necessary. In every case, dental implants require proper oral hygiene according to relatively strict standards.

Procedure Information

It is necessary to prepare the area for surgery for dental implants before the procedure. Additional time is necessary for the implant to become secure and for bone tissue to accumulate, where the device becomes anchored. In some cases, the implant has metal posts inserted, in a follow-up procedure, in order to attach the tooth. Dental implants may sometimes call for surgery. and because of this, Dr. Civin’s patients are given anesthesia and sometimes antibiotics to avoid the possibility of infection after the procedure is through. As with any restoration, dental implants involve the need for proper oral hygiene and care so they can last as long as possible.

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