can a smoker get dental implants

Can a Smoker Get Dental Implants? What You Need To Know

As one of millions of smokers, you may have struggled with numerous nicotine effects. If you recently lost a tooth or had one removed, you might wonder whether your smoking habit will jeopardize your treatment options. Can a smoker get dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? 

Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., provides some details below.

How Dentists Select Implant Candidates

Firstly, there’s no getting around the surgical aspect of dental implants. The implants require surgery to secure them to your jaw. Although this surgery doesn’t have quite the same risks as more serious procedures, your dentist will need to identify the oral health risks associated with your implant candidacy as a smoker, such as:

  • What’s the likelihood of dental implant failure? Smoking impedes the healing process and puts your immune system at a disadvantage. Your body could reject the implant.
  • Will the osseointegration process succeed? A jawbone bonds with the implant through osseointegration. Smoking can slow this process down by lowering your skeletal system’s mineral density.
  • Are there infection risks? Smoking impedes your immune system, which increases your infection risk after implants. Bacteria also thrive in a smoker’s oral tissue and bone structure. 

Smoking may also impact your oral health in other ways, like injuring soft tissues. Your dentist will consider these risks before recommending the dental implant procedure. 

A Preliminary Consultation For Implants

Can a smoker get dental implants if their risk factors aren’t out of the normal range? Your consultation process will reveal more about your options after assessing the following factors:

  • Review your oral health.
  • Make preliminary examinations and take X-rays to determine your implant candidacy.
  • Recommend tests on oral tissue samples.

The Implant Procedure

So, what if the soft tissue and bone density results show that you can safely undergo surgery? Then, your dentist may require you to significantly cut down on your smoking habit or quit altogether to increase the procedure’s success rate.

During the procedure, the dentist will place the implant bases directly into your jawbone. These bases must fuse to the bone securely, which takes three to six months. However, smokers may need more time to heal, especially if they continue to smoke after implant surgery.

Implant Risk Factors for Smokers

Why are smokers in Palm Beach Gardens more likely to experience dental implant failure than nonsmokers?

  • Lower jawbone density: The more you smoke, the slower your cell turnover rate. When your skeletal system’s turnover slows, it loses bone density. 
  • Receding gum lines: Smoking can cause your gums to recede and lose health over time due to decreased saliva production. 
  • Decreased blood circulation: Smoking addictions cause the circulation system to lose elasticity, which prevents adequate blood flow to the rest of your body. 
  • Declining oral hygiene: Despite your best efforts, your oral hygiene habits may not adequately protect and cleanse your mouth, increasing your risk of infections.

Understandably, all these issues can affect your entire body and negatively impact your candidacy for many surgical procedures beyond just dental implants.

How To Reduce Associated Risk Factors

A reputable dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, like Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., will typically recommend that a smoker curbs or eliminates the smoking habit before considering any form of surgery. Not only does this improve your chances of implant success, but it also reduces your risk of general and oral health complications in the future. 

Most dentists recommend not smoking for at least a week before your implant appointment and another two weeks following the surgery. If you can cut down on your daily nicotine intake, whether smoking or vaping, things should go better for you before and after the implant surgery.

Can a Smoker Get Dental Implants? Contact Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., To Find Out

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