how soon after dental implant surgery can i exercise

How Soon After Dental Implant Surgery Can I Exercise?

Most invasive medical procedures require some downtime to allow the patient to heal. Getting dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is no different. However, you might quickly become restless and agitated if you lead an active lifestyle.

“How soon after dental implant surgery can I exercise?” you may wonder as your surgery appointment draws closer. Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., explores the answer below.

Follow After-Care Instructions To Quicken Healing

You might minimize your recovery time by strictly following the healing instructions your dentist gives you. Most dental practitioners recommend plenty of rest in a low-stress environment in the days immediately following an operation. You probably won’t chomp at the bit to jump back into your exercise routine anyway.

The post-surgery experience generally comes with lots of discomfort or pain. You’ll take medications to keep the swelling and pain to a minimum. These prescriptions can make you feel drowsy or disoriented.

Additionally, the surgical site needs to heal sufficiently before you engage in any intense movement. Instead, focus on how to keep your gums healthy and clean while consuming plenty of hydrating fluids and soft, nourishing food.

How Soon After Dental Implant Surgery Can I Exercise?

“I’m sure I can handle the post-op protocol. But how soon after dental implant surgery can I exercise?”

The answer to this question depends on the type of exercise you enjoy. Most surgical procedures for dental implants require two to three days of rest and recovery before the patient can engage in exercise again. However, you should still avoid certain activities that can retraumatize your mouth.

You should also keep track of:

  • Your hydration level

  • Your nutrition

  • How your body responds to physical activity

  • How your prescribed medications make you feel

  • Whether your surgical site becomes agitated following your exercise routine

While dental implant surgery isn’t invasive, it disrupts your body’s patterns. Therefore, you should take extra care until the site has fully healed.

Safe Exercises To Enjoy

Low-intensity exercises that require no contact with other people can positively impact your healing process. When you feel the itch to move, try the following gentle exercises:

  • Walking: Walking is an excellent first exercise once you feel recovered. Its gentle, sustained movement shouldn’t cause excessive discomfort or agitate the implant site.

  • Jogging and running: Fast-paced movement can be too jarring at first. Walk for a day or two, monitoring how you feel. Then, try running and walking intermittently.

  • Yoga and stretching: Slow stretching exercises offer an excellent opportunity to increase circulation, loosen tight muscles, and get back into a physical routine.

  • Swimming: Going for a swim offers stress-free exercise that doesn’t put your mouth in the line of fire. Keep your distance from other swimmers to prevent your implant site from accidental hits.

Exercises To Avoid

Some exercises can retraumatize your healing surgical site. A reopened wound has an increased risk of infection and excessive bleeding. It may need surgical attention or intensive treatment to mitigate these risks. You will also prolong your recovery time, which puts you right back into the rest stage of healing.

Stay away from the following activities to protect your recovery:

  • Lifting weights: Weight training can cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth or clench your jaw, putting unnecessary stress on the surgical site. Refrain from lifting weights until a few weeks after your appointment.

  • Contact sports like football: Intensely competitive football matches can result in wounded surgical sites. You might also knock your implant loose during important matches.

  • Boxing or wrestling: Combat sports are generally out of the question immediately following surgery and once you obtain your implants.

Speak With Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., About Whether Implants Are Right for You

Are you wondering, “How soon after dental implant surgery can I exercise?” The answer is that it depends on the exercise.

Speak with Mark L. Civin, D.D.S., about how sporting preferences impact dental implant procedures. Call 561-624-2224 to book a consultation in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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