Your Diet Matters to Your Teeth

Your Diet Matters to Your Teeth, Palm Beach Gardens!

Did you know that your diet affects the overall health of your teeth and gums? Your diet has a vital part to play in your dental health. If you have an unhealthy diet full of sugars, your teeth, and your health in general, will suffer.

Sugar Takes All

Sugary sweets and starches will destroy your teeth if you’re not careful when you eat them. Your body is a machine that needs fuel, but if you fuel it with sugary foods, it will break down. If you take in too many sodas, candies or other non-nutritious snacks, you can do real damage to your teeth.

First, plaque can develop on your teeth. If you go without proper dental cleanings, that plaque will eventually create pockets between your teeth and gums, which will start the process of breaking down your tooth and inflaming your gums. Experts believe that bad eating habits are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and children.

A Healthier Alternative

For better or worse, the foods you choose now are affecting your gums and teeth. Rather than binging on sweets, why not take a different route and eat raw, fresh fruit? Fruit still contains sugar; however, it’s a lot less than the sugary cakes, candies or sodas so common in our diet today. Plus, fruit is nutritious.

Your plate should consist of four ounces of meat, along with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Eating this way will probably help you shed a few extra pounds too. You’d be saving your teeth and trimming your waistline. Who wouldn’t love that?

Gingivitis is Preventable

Gingivitis is the inflammation and irritation of the gingiva around the base of a tooth. There are many ways to prevent gingivitis. Make sure you use an antibacterial toothpaste, an antibacterial mouthwash, and floss daily. Brush your teeth at least two times a day. The antibacterial properties of these products will fight plaque for 24 hours. It will help you to stave off any bacteria that want to hide between your teeth and gums.

If you don’t pay attention to your gums and teeth now, your health will suffer later. Gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes further decay and the eventual loss of all of your teeth if not cared for. Bad oral health habits can cause your smile to be taken away completely. Protect your smile with the tips you’ve found here today!

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