why is flossing important

Why Is Flossing Important? A Brief Guide

Practicing oral hygiene techniques like brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and scheduling regular dental cleanings are all ways to ensure you have optimal oral health. 

One important routine for maintaining gum health and preventing tooth decay is flossing, which not everyone makes a habit of doing. Flossing is still one of the most effective ways to remove built-up plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your gum line and teeth, keeping your mouth in the best shape possible.

However, tooth decay can occur even when you brush your teeth and floss consistently, leaving you more self-conscious than ever about your smile. Instead of resigning yourself to insecurity, take control of your oral health again by scheduling an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach.

In the meantime, continue reading more about flossing your teeth and why this practice is a key pillar to your oral health. 

Why You Need To Brush and Floss 

As mentioned above, brushing and flossing your teeth are vital to maintaining a healthy smile. Doing one without the other isn’t the best idea because both hit different areas of your teeth. 

For example, when you brush your teeth, you reach the main surfaces — in other words, those you can see. However, brushing doesn’t get between the cracks of each tooth like flossing does to pull out any buildup that may be causing tooth decay. 

What Does Flossing Remove?

Flossing helps get rid of plaque and food particles that accumulate in hard-to-reach spots between the teeth. When this plaque builds up over time, it can turn into tartar, which sits at your gum line and between the spaces in your smile. 

Furthermore, tartar is much harder for dentists to remove. By flossing, you remove harmful bacteria and plaque before it gets the chance to damage your teeth.

Different Types of Flossing

Nowadays, people have more tools and options available to them when it comes to flossing. Any of the choices we detail below should work for flossing your teeth, but if you still have questions or concerns, speak to your dentist about which may be best for your lifestyle. 

Water Flossers

Water flossers constitute the most technologically advanced flossing option on the market today. Waterpik is the industry standard in water flossers. This clever device pushes a steady stream of water through the flosser’s tip to remove buildup. Think of it as power washing your teeth.

Floss Picks

Another flossing choice is using a floss pick. Picks are popular because they’re efficient and easy to handle. Typically, a floss pick features a side with a pointed plastic pick, which you can use as a toothpick, and a piece of floss stretched between the pick’s top portion. You gently push the string through the space in your teeth, moving it left and right to dislodge any plaque before pulling it out of the space.

String Floss

Finally, there is the old standby: string floss. String floss comes in convenient containers, allowing you to pull out and tear off just the amount you need. Their size makes them easy to throw into a purse, briefcase, or backpack.

When you use string floss, you tear off your piece before wrapping it around your middle fingers on both hands. This should leave you with enough floss to grip with your thumbs before pressing the string through the spaces between your teeth. 

As with a floss pick, make sure to surround the tooth with the piece of floss, moving left and right around the tooth to “hug” it, and thoroughly clean the tooth of any debris. 

Choose a Dental Team To Help Manage Your Oral Health

Now that you know why flossing is important, it’s a wise choice to make sure you floss once daily to keep your oral health in top shape. Combining flossing and brushing with special oral care from Dr. Mark Civin’s dental practice ensures a healthy smile for years.

Prioritize your oral health by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Civin at (561) 624-2224 today!

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