what are dental implants made of

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Everyone wants to show off their best smile and feel confident about their mouth. Civin Smiles provides our clients with the best dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Many patients wonder, “What are dental implants made of?” but we use more than one material for dental implants. The two most favored and trusted materials are titanium and zirconia. 

Dentists use dental implants to create a permanent fixture in the mouth and replace missing tooth roots. The three key players in dental implants are the abutment connector, restoration, and dental implant. These elements come together to last many years and encourage a healthy mouth.

The Popularity of Dental Implants

Dental implants help replace missing or weak teeth. They can last in your mouth for years without interrupting your eating habits. Next to having your natural teeth intact and healthy, implants have changed peoples’ lives for the better.

We believe that the demand for implants will increase tremendously in the future. At the same time, dental technology is continuing to grow and improve the population’s oral health. Stem cells may be a future factor in the dental implant process and a promising avenue to consider.

Civin Smiles understands that affordability and allergies will factor into which dental implants are right for you. Our practice hopes that researchers will find more materials suitable for dental implant construction, increasing the number of options. Ask our dentists about your dental concerns during your visit.

Best Materials for Dental Implants

Civin Smiles utilizes two materials most often because they are the dental standard and advantageous. These industry-favored choices are:

  • Titanium – Titanium is the most preferred material for implants because it is long-lasting and durable for years. It can withstand corrosion and a lifetime of use. Titanium for your dental implants is a budget-friendly option and is a permanent fixture in the mouth.
  • Zirconia – People with metal allergies can use zirconia as their material option. Furthermore, you only need one piece in implants, compared to three pieces for titanium.

This newer choice mimics the look of ceramic while being resistant to bacteria and corrosion. We recommend this material alongside titanium as our top two picks.

Other Types of Dental Implant Materials

What are dental implants made of? They contain numerous types of materials, but some are better than others.

Our dental practice can discuss in further detail the options for your dental implants. We can also determine whether or not you have any allergies that may factor into your best implant choice.

You may find some of the following materials in your implants, but not all practices use them because of their disadvantages. Civin Smiles uses materials that you won’t have to worry about breaking down or corroding. We never want our patients to experience pain or limited movement from their dental implants.


Ceramics have limited potential for dental implant use, as they are a strong material. Ceramics are not long-lasting and can become brittle over time.


Polymers are not as strong as other materials but come with the advantage of an easily changed composition. They may not be the top choice for dental implants, but polymers are biodegradable. Our practice does not use this material often.

Various Metals

Sometimes, dental implants include other metals in their makeup. While titanium and zirconia are considered the best, gold, chromium-cobalt, and stainless steel are all long-lasting, resistant, and anti-corrosive. 

Contact Civin Smiles for Your Dental Implants

We hope to have answered, “What are dental implants made of?” and that you are considering your dental circumstances. Civin Smiles can help you improve oral health and prevent gum disease, offering services to patients in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We offer comfortable and safe dental solutions.

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