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Three Drinks You Should Avoid For Good Dental Hygiene

When it comes to good dental hygiene, what you eat and drink has a much more significant effect on your mouth health than we care to admit. While most foods and drinks are okay in moderation, excessive consumption of specific beverages can negatively impact your teeth. Given the massive consumption of sugary beverages in the United States, it’s no wonder we continue to see so many struggle with cavities and other teeth alignments.

If you’re looking for optimal dental hygiene here are three beverages you should enjoy in moderation.

Regular soda drinkers are significantly more like to suffer from a whole host of dental issues due to the excessive amounts of sugar a standard soda has. In addition to the sugar, many sodas contain artificial coloring which can stain and affect the color of your teeth. While sugar-free soda is often hailed as a healthy alternative the carbonation from the soda can still negatively impact your teeth.

While known for the calcium it provides to help promote strong bones, consumed consistently, milk can also negatively affect your overall dental hygiene. Enjoying a nice glass of milk before bed can also coat your teeth in sugar which can accelerate tooth decay.
Fruit Juices

While many fruit juices are undoubtedly tasty, like soda, the vast majority of fruit juices, even “all-natural” contain significant amounts of sugar. Unfortunately, despite the many health claims fruit juice can have a negative impact on your teeth and should be avoided as much as possible.

While we aren’t saying you should never have your favorite tasty beverage, if you’re working towards healthier teeth, cutting back, or drinking the above beverages in moderation will significantly improve your dental hygiene.

Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is only part of the equation, what you eat and drink matters as well.

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