Things Every Person With Dentures Needs to Know

Dentures or prosthetic teeth are specially designed to replace missing or diseased teeth. They are custom-made for each patient. That means they will fit snugly in your mouth cavity, supported firmly by the hard and soft tissues that surround them.

If you have dentures, there are several things you need to know to ensure you get the best from your false teeth. Let’s explore some of the most important things:

Dentures Should Be Cleaned At Least Twice Daily

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures need thorough cleaning regularly. Cleaning your dentures at least twice a day will help lower your risk of getting oral infections and developing inflamed gums. This will also help avert decay, and hence minimize the risk of losing more teeth.

Certain Products Can Damage Dentures

If you have dentures, you need to be careful with the dental products you use. For example, if your dentures have a soft lining, you’ll need to use a denture cleaner that is designed to preserve this lining.

Likewise, if you have metal dentures, you’ll need to find denture cleaners explicitly designed for cleaning metal. You should also realize that dental experts advise against using bleaching agents on your dentures.

Bleaching agents are known to weaken dentures, making them more prone to damage. These products may also make your dentures lose their natural look.

How Long Can Your Dentures Last?

The lifespan of dentures depends mostly on an individual’s situation, the type of treatment, the dentist’s expertise, and the follow-up care. However, you can expect your dentures to last over five years. According to some dentists, dentures can last up to 10 years.

Your dentist may suggest replacing them after 5-7 years. This will depend on your specific dentures and the condition of your mouth.

Preserving Your Dentures

It is essential to remove your dentures before you go to bed. Otherwise, you risk damaging them. Removing your dentures at night also allows your gums to relax.

Don’t forget to dip the dentures in lukewarm water. This prevents them from drying out and possibly twisting. There are also specialized denture-soaking solutions you can use, but these are not recommended for dentures that have metal components. The solutions can stain the metal.

Maintain Regular Dental Appointments

Your dentist plays an integral role in keeping your dentures in tip-top condition. It’s important to schedule regular dental appointments, so your dentist can check your dentures for a tartar accumulation that will require professional cleaning.

Tartar build-up can prevent your dentures from fitting comfortably in your mouth, resulting in the development of painful oral sores. Regular inspection also helps in the early detection and treatment of various diseases like oral cancer.


Dentures, which are commonly known as false teeth, can restore your confidence-boosting, healthy-looking smile even after losing your natural teeth. Keeping the above facts in mind and implementing them can help you get the best from your dentures. Regularly visiting your dentist to maintain and assess the condition of your dentures is highly recommended.

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