Sinus Pressure or a Toothache

The natural reaction to a toothache is to assume the tooth has a problem. Sometimes, however, the tooth is not the problem. A toothache can be a sign of a sinus infection.

Let’s explore the connection between a sinus infection and a toothache.

Sinus Anatomy

The sinuses are four pairs of air-filled cavities located in the facial bones around your forehead, eyes, and behind the cheekbones. They help to keep the air in your nasal cavity warm, moist, and free from foreign substances. Moreover, they produce mucus that helps to keep your nose clean.

Sinuses can sometimes be blocked by fluid, resulting in infection. This infection can be accompanied by congestion and pressure, which may cause pain or discomfort in your upper teeth. That’s attributed to the fact that the upper teeth roots and jawbone are near the sinus.

This discomfort can also spread to the lower teeth. Dentists refer to the tooth pain that accompanies a sinus infection as sinus toothache. The intensity of the pain depends typically on the severity of the sinus infection and the magnitude of swelling of the roots of the infected sinuses.

How to Identify a Sinus Toothache

It usually is not easy to differentiate between a toothache that is a result of a dental health problem and a sinus toothache, especially when the entire jaw is throbbing. Given the fact that both types of pain feel similar, it’s essential to consider other symptoms.

Sinus infection could be the culprit if the toothache occurs a couple of days after you’ve suffered a cold. Sinus-induced tooth pains frequently worsen when you are moving and diminish when you sit still or lie down. A sudden movement causes instant excruciating pain in the upper teeth.

How to Relieve a Sinus Toothache

There are several remedies for pain that affects both the sinuses and the teeth concurrently. It is imperative that you treat infection in the body to ease pressure on the sinuses and the teeth. You can use antibiotics, antihistamines, and decongestants. These remedies will treat sinus infections.

Nasal sprays and steam inhalation are also useful in relieving sinus pain. Also, focus on eating soft foods to help manage toothache. Be sure to drink lots of water as hydration is effective in minimizing mucous buildup and reducing inflammation as a result.

Eat spicy foods as they help open up the sinuses. You can also take an over-the-counter expectorant to help drain mucous and hence relieve the discomfort. According to research, humming in different tones can help ease sinus pressure and pain as it naturally vibrates the face and causes facial muscles to relax.


Next time you experience an unremitting toothache, first visit your dentist for examination. Your dentist will consider various possible dental causes for the pain. These may include bruxism, gum disease, tooth decay, or dental abscesses.

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