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Professional Whitening Services VS. OTC

We know that healthcare, including dental care, can get expensive, right? You may find yourself wondering what you can do at home to take care of your teeth without pricey visits to the dentists office.

Professional whitening services are safe and effective, but you probably knew that, right? Out of all the many cosmetic dental procedures available, whitening is the most economical. In just an hour, in-office whitening can lift your tooth color three to eight shades!

Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening is slower than professionally supervised whitening. Professional whitening also protects your sensitive roots and gums far more than over-the-counter treatments.

Its important to get an oral exam before you decide what kind of whitening procedure youd like to try. The reason for this is that your tooth discoloration might have been caused by a condition that needs treatment. Trying OTC whitening methods without an oral exam could cause damage to your teeth if you dont know for sure why your teeth have changed color.

As with anything health-related, dont let untrained people work on your teeth! Yes, that includes people who have kiosks in the mall.

Professional whitening services also make use of bleaching gels that have high enough concentration that you cant buy them at the store!

Professional whitening makes use of high-concentration bleaching gels that are not available over the counter.

In-office whitening provides the quickest results with the most powerful whitening solutions. This procedure involves your gums and tooth-root surfaces being covered with a protective barrio, your lips and cheeks being held away from your teeth, and a professional-strength gel being applied to your teeth. The gel will sit on your teeth for about an hour. The results are immediately obvious when the gel is removed.

Take-home whitening relies on you being more proactive to get good results. Someone at your dentists office will take a mold of your teeth and provide you with flexible mouth trays—made just for you! Fill the trays with whitening gel and then position them over each row of teeth. You leave the rays in for an hour at a time over the course of several weeks.

Over-the-counter products like whitening strips just wont give you the same results you would get if you professionally get them whitened. The OTC strips arent as strong and arent customized to fit your mouth.

Many whitening strips arent designed to fit onto all of your teeth, and whitening toothpaste and rinses work just about the same as any standard toothpaste product.

Let a trained professional take care of your teeth. Supervised whitening is your best bet for fast, beautiful, long-lasting results.

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