Three Facts about Dental Implants

Palm Beach Gardens: Three Interesting Facts About Dental Implants

What do you know about dental implants? Just that they restore a missing tooth, right? That is a fact,

but implants do more than just restore your smile—they offer other interesting benefits. Dr. Mark Civin, Palm Beach Gardens dentist, lists three reasons why implants are a step above the rest. Check it out below!

Dental Implants Block Tooth Decay

Since an implant is typically made of titanium and the replacement tooth is synthetic, cavity-causing bacteria can’t eat away at an implanted tooth. These materials reject tooth decay. Some patients might have had a tooth or two lost to tooth decay, so this can be a relief for people looking to find a permanent and durable tooth replacement option.

An implant stimulates the jawbone

Without replacing a missing tooth, you allow your jawbone to resorb, and that can cause your facial structure to change, not in a good way. It’s important to find the right support for the surrounding teeth. An implant helps stimulate and preserve the jawbone. Don’t let your jawbone grow weak—your oral health depends on it.

Implants prevent teeth from shifting

An implant secures a spot in the jawbone, which prevents the bone from resorbing. And the synthetic tooth placed on an abutment fills the void left behind by the natural tooth. If you leave a space open, your surrounding teeth may start to shift towards the spot missing a tooth. In Palm Beach Gardens, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular at our office because they look and feel natural. Plus, an implant creates a sturdy foundation.

Remember to maintain good oral health practices. With proper care, implants can last a lifetime. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Civin, call (561) 624-2224 or submit a form via his website. Tooth loss has met its match with dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens.

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