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What Can Dentrix Do for Dental Patients?

Everyone deserves excellent services whenever they seek oral and dental care from their dentists. And while dentists like those in the Palm Beach Gardens area of Florida continue to advance their clinical dental competencies through continuing professional education, dental technologies must also step up their innovative solutions. And none has fared better than Dentrix dental practice solutions. While Dentrix is clearly for the dentist of today, its implications on dental patient satisfaction are immense. Mark L. Civin, DDS patients can now benefit from Dentrix technology.

Dentrix revolutionizes the way dentists manage their plan of care for their respective patients. This means that patients can get peace of mind that their dental and oral health needs are adequately addressed in a timely and very accurate manner. Dentrix solutions successfully eliminate a lot of paperwork that often plagues a lot of dental offices, especially when meeting first-time patients. The amount of time needed to fill up information sheets and then analyzing these pieces of information can significantly reduce the amount of time the dentist can interact with his patients. By revolutionizing the way in which dental care information is managed, dentists can spend more time with their patients. This also means that patients will be able to pose their questions to their dentists in an effort to be enlightened about the different dental procedures. This paves way for the establishment of trust and confidence in the dentist leading to a more successful and more pleasant dental experience.

For periodontal patients, Dentrix’s Periodontal Chart can allow the dentist to get a very graphic look at the progress of the patient’s periodontal health status. This paves the way for a more definitive treatment plan. For the patient, this minimizes costs because the dentist can zero-in on the problem that is causing the periodontal issue with absolute accuracy. This can be further enhanced using Dentrix’s 3D Clinical Charting in order to provide a more realistic and graphical presentation to patients. Dentists using this Dentrix solution are able to gain better acceptance from patients because now, patients understand what should be done with their teeth.

Patients expect their dentists to be up-to-date with innovative technologies. Dentrix is clearly designed not only for the dentist but, more importantly, dental patients in mind. When you do visit the dental office of Mark L. Civin DDS in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, feel free to ask how Dentrix can help deliver the highest possible level of dental care for you!

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