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How Nutrition Affects Oral Health

You are what you eat. Meaning that your diet will affect all aspects of your life. Nowhere is it more evident than when it comes to oral health. The two most commonly affected oral health issues are cavities and periodontal (gum) disease.

Nutrition and Cavities

It is a well-known fact that there are bacteria in the human mouth. It is also known that these bacteria help to break down the sugars in our food. However, it is not as widely known how this process can cause cavities in your teeth.

When ingesting foodstuff that is rich in sugars, acid is inadvertently released into your mouth by bacteria that break down the sugars in your food. These release acid, which can eat through the enamel outer layer of the teeth. Using a toothpaste containing fluoride or drinking water with fluoride can help to make your teeth more resistant to this process.

Nutrition and Periodontal Disease

While there is no scientific evidence directly linking nutrition and gum disease, there is strong evidence that the speed and severity of the disease is increased when the patient has poor nutrition. The immune system is in charge of fighting all diseases in the body, thus it is fortified by one’s nutrition. Bad nutrition can affect the body’s ability to fight off periodontal disease.

Balanced Diet for Oral Health

First and foremost keep hydrated and drink lots of water. Make sure to balance your diets among the five major food groups. Do not forget to eat in moderation. You should avoid any diet that may lead to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Avoid food that sticks to your teeth as these will stimulate more tooth decay.


If you are not sure how your diet is affecting your oral health you should speak to a professional. Dr. Civin is always ready to help you with oral health issues.

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