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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

A great smile gives quite a self-esteem boost!

Researchers say that the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you are. And, when looks are discussed, teeth do play a major role.  Bright and sparkling teeth represent a dazzling and radiant side of yours that is always appreciated by friends and colleagues. Believe it or not, but a contagious smile is enough for cheering the mood of a person.

Well, the ones who are already blessed with a gorgeous smile are considered lucky, but those who lack this feature need not worry as science has developed enough to add that dazzling smile on your face.  Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to bring back the charm of your teeth. Dr. Mark Civin is equipped with a wide array of techniques and tools to improve the look and structure of your teeth. With various options available, here are the major ones from which you can benefit:

  • Bonding

For those who have extra spaces in between the teeth, bonding is a possible rescue.  An etching solution is applied in the gap followed by composite resins that are exactly the same color as the tooth.  These resins can last up to several years without discoloration and wearing-down. People with Chipped, broken, and stained teeth can also go for bonding.

  • Crowns

Crowns are almost like caps that cover the entire teeth to protect it. Crowning of the teeth is many times suggested if the teeth are badly damaged or discolored. These artificial tooth covers are made from ceramic materials and porcelain. Mainly there are two types of crowns:  permanent and temporary and is provided depending on the need of the patient. The process involved in carving the synthetic teeth includes taking the impression of the damaged tooth and preparing a mold according to it.

  • Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of teeth is the most common issue faced by the people. This widespread problem can arise from anything ranging from improper eating habits, smoking, alcohol, and inappropriate cleaning. The dentist will use certain chemicals to bleach your teeth; it can be carried into the dental clinic or even at home. Those who are opting for teeth whitening are suggested to opt for better oral health procedures. Start brushing the teeth twice a day along with avoiding higher doses of caffeine.

  • Veneers

Veneers are custom shells made from plastics and porcelain and are fitted on the front part of the teeth so as to give it the desired shape. Veneers can be opted for dental issues such as chipped and worn teeth, teeth gap, and poor shapes. They are made in laboratories after taking the impression of the tooth and once prepared they are fitted to the teeth using a beam of light.

  • Implants

Last but not least – Tooth implants. Whether a person loses his teeth due to old age or in an accident, a tooth implant is the best possible solution for the replacement. Although, it is a lengthy process that needs to be done effectively, yet it is among the most desired options available in the dentistry world.

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