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Disproving 7 Common Dental Myths and Misconceptions

There is nothing wrong with using the internet to learn more about dental health and treatments. However, some web pages perpetuate unhealthy and potentially dangerous dental myths. Believing the myths can have harmful results.

Consider learning from Palm Beach Gardens’ top-rated dentist today. Here, we will debunk some common dental myths. 

1. Eating Lots of Sugar Causes Cavities

Eating sugary food can indeed damage your health overall, including your teeth. However, eating sugary things itself does not cause immediate tooth decay. Instead, not brushing your teeth after eating does.

Bacteria in your mouth break down the sugar. These bacteria cause cavities, not sugars alone. When you leave sugar on your teeth for a long time, the bacteria can also break down the protective enamel and damage your gums. Still, it is generally advisable to lower your overall sugar intake, especially if you eat many processed foods.

2. Only White Teeth Are Healthy

A common misconception about oral hygiene is that your teeth are not healthy unless they are white. Healthy teeth can be ivory or even yellow. While teeth whitening produces aesthetically pleasing results, it does not make the teeth any healthier. Dentists base the quality of the person’s mouth on the lack of cavities and foul odor, among other ratings. 

3. Oral Health Is Unrelated To Other Health

This potentially harmful dental myth disconnects oral health from the condition of the rest of your body. While dental insurance is separate from health insurance, your mouth’s health can affect other organs. For example, allowing your teeth to decay can cause blood poisoning that affects your bloodstream. Crooked teeth can hinder your chewing, making it harder to absorb nutrients and affecting your body overall. Caring for your mouth is a part of caring for your whole body.

4. Your Teeth Become Cleaner by Brushing Harder

This common dental myth has grown in tandem with the white teeth misconception. If you experience tooth whitening after brushing with reasonable force, that is because you are removing a layer of debris over your teeth. However, your teeth are not any cleaner when you brush harder. Brushing too hard damages the enamel and could expose you to sensitivity issues and easier cavity formation.

5. Do Not Worry About Flossing if You Brush

As much as brushing your teeth has revolutionized oral care, it cannot do the job by itself. Toothbrushes cannot dig in between your teeth and remove every bit of food debris. Floss cleans the hard-to-reach places between your teeth and keeps your mouth clean. And no, brushing harder will not help either because it harms your teeth. 

6. Braces Are Only for Young People

Braces are reasonable for adults who want to make it easier to eat or get a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile. While children and teenagers are the most frequent patients for braces to adjust their permanent teeth, more adults use braces than you might think. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of five orthodontic patients is 21+. 

7. Avoid the Dentist if You Are Pregnant

Of all the dental myths, this one perhaps started as truth. Older methods of dental x-rays and the radiation exposure potentially endangered dentists and patients. However, further developments offer increased protection for everyone. Additionally, hormone changes during pregnancy may cause expecting mothers’ gums to swell and bleed, making visiting the dentist a potentially vital part of prenatal care.

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