Reasons for tooth replacement

3 Reasons You Need To Get A Tooth Replaced

Tooth loss is no game. The condition of your teeth and oral health can negatively affect your overall health. If that doesn’t give you enough reason, maybe these three points will help you see why a tooth replacement is recommended.

#1: A missing tooth leaves a smile incomplete

This is probably the most obvious and frustrating thing people think about once a tooth goes missing. One missing tooth can throw the whole smile off, which makes smiling less appealing.

#2: Teeth can shift without enough support

This is like a domino effect. Once a tooth goes missing, the neighboring teeth start to gravitate toward that space because they don’t have enough support. One by one, the teeth will start to shift, causing misalignment issues.

#3: It leaves your neighboring teeth and gum tissue exposed

As difficult as it is to clean between the teeth and near the gums, you don’t want to leave the sides of the neighboring teeth and gum tissue overly exposed to bacteria and food debris.

Tooth Replacement Options at Our Palm Beach Gardens Practice

We have a variety of procedures to replace a missing tooth, such as crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants.
For functional and oral health reasons, we recommend a dental implant. It’s permanently placed in the mouth, so there is less maintenance, and the screw-like implant fuses with the jawbone, keeping it from receding.

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